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These instructors are a fine example of why so many classes can be a waste of time. Too much time spent on opinion and not enough on fact. I've owned and worn more than my share of Walmart hunting clothes. In that time the biggest problem I've found with going cheap and frugal is that it can bite you in the rear when it comes to durability and quality. Go figure, hunting clothes aren't much different than everything else in the world, you get what you pay for more times than not (but not always). I'm not saying to buy Walmart stuff or not to buy Walmart stuff, buy what you want and can afford. But keep in mind, hunting specific camo clothes may be one of the biggest scams for the outdoor enthusiast. Right up there with those infomercial fishing lures that guarantee you catch fish with every cast in a dry lake. Better clothes can generally be bought for the same money or less if you toss out the your need/want for camo. For the Frugal outdoorsman second hand shops are your friend.
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