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I was on the SCDNR web site to verify that I was correct in my statement about weapons. Shotguns are not allowed on night hunts. This is specifically what the regulation booklet says:

There is no closed season or weapon restrictions on hogs on private land
during daylight hours. Hogs can be hunted at night with or without the aid of
bait, electronic calls, artificial lights, or night vision devices using a bow and
arrow other than a crossbow, or a pistol of any caliber having iron sights,
a barrel length not exceeding nine inches, and which is not equipped with
a butt-stock, scope, or laser sight (50-11-710). Hogs may not be hunted at
night with a centerfire rifle or shotgun, unless specifically permitted by the
department. Dogs can be used to hunt and bay hogs at night as long as the
hunter(s) complies with the equipment restrictions above.

Source :

This limits us to what we can do. I am not a bow hunter, and really neither is anyone else in our group. The timed feeder is a good idea, could that also be done just before sunrise to the hogs go to it at first light? Then maybe we could be set up in blinds or elevated stands.

Thanks for all the replies so far!
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