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Hog hunting help.

The man that owns our lease is having a problem with hogs this year. He sub-leases the land to another farmer. This year hogs ruined a wheat crop and about half of a corn crop. The farmers have been setting pins and baiting (which is legal here in SC.). We were going to hunt them at night over the bait piles, but the new regs will not allow us to use center fire rifles. We are wanting to hunt out this population of hogs for several reasons. One, the land has asked us to, and I think we should keep the man that owns our hunting land happy. Plus the hogs are just ruining the area for deer. However, we are only going to be able to hunt during the day. There is no closed season on hogs here. Should I wait until winter, so hogs move during the day then? I know nothing really about hog hunting so any help and advice would be appreciated.
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