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Bersa, PPK, Sig-Sauer 232 or Beretta Cheetah
These four are all good choices. The best may be the Beretta. It comes with an excellent trigger, rock solid reliability, good ergonomics and several choices of grip style. Pick the double or single stack mag model.

The Bersa isn't the same quality of the Beretta but also offers double or single stack mags, good ergonomics, all at a good price.

The Sig P232 is perhaps the best pointing of the four. It's also very reliable and easy to shoot well with a very good trigger. In it's alloy frame model the Sig is the lightest of the bunch. Great gun for a lefty.

The PPK is a classic but a bit heavy due to being all stainless. Good trigger and good reliability and the smallest of the bunch.

I've owned all four of these pistols and the one I did carry for a long time was the Beretta. It is simply the most reliable of the bunch. I've owned three of them and never had one fail. Great gun. I also have carried a alloy Sig P232 as they are so slim, so light and so easy to shoot quickly and instinctively.

The Bersa and PPK are range guns. If I were to carry a Bersa it would be the PLUS model, (which I haven't owned but I prefer it's grip).

Good luck with your choice.

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