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Prayers and condolences to Mr. Herr's family and friends. It's so sad that greedy punks ended a man's life because they thought they had more rights to his property than he did.

Do not let people know what is valuable in your home.
Never let people know you have a gun or more than one gun.
Don't "advertise" valuable items where they're visible through outside windows.

I even go so far as to cut down cardboard boxes for laptops, monitors and other valuables and then tape them with the logos facing inward. That way no one can snoop through the recycling or exposed cardboard to see what I've recently purchased.

The concept of not bragging about your "stuff" is a family discussion. Certainly the wife should know not to do this. Getting kids to pay attention is more difficult. A friend of my brother lost his whole baseball card collection because the wrong kid heard his son talk about it at lunch in high school. He tells an older brother who does the stealing with a friend. Convicted, but 40 years of collecting were never recovered.
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