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Some years ago I had the Colt Mustang Plus II -- which was a short "Mustang" slide and barrel on the Colt .380 Government frame. Both the Government and the Plus II were nice, small, flat guns that worked well with FMJ ammo. I regret that mine 'got away'. Now days, they command a small fortune for a .380.

The Kahr P380 looks interesting to me as it is small and has Kahr's smooth, but slightly long, trigger. It's a 6+1 design tipping the scales at about 10 oz. Only problem is that they're pricey. But if you want small (5L x 4H x .75W) it's worth checking out.

Bersa .380 pistols are well liked by their owners. I've not fired one but they're rather large for a small caliber pistol. But they are flat and seem to conceal rather nicely.

The Sig 232 and 238 are their .380 offerings. The 232 is well known and a nice gun. The newer 238 looks like the older Colt Mustang or what some might say is a 1911 style. It's very small and I found it hard to keep a good grip on it with medium sized hands.
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