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Some answers

I am probably going to need to line it with felt or something. The ID of the large ring is about 3/32 larger than the OD of the barrel. I made it this way in anticipation of needing a lining for it. Although I must admit that I was hoping not to have to go there. I may start with three little felt or cork pads rather than a lining for the whole thing.

I am more concerned whether it will stay in place when the pistol is fired.

It would also probably not work if the shooter uses a holster (which I never do). I can easily imagine pulling the revolver out of a holster and having the clip stuck in the bottom of the holster. Now, the lever drops during firing because the clip is stuck in the holster and you can't reholster the revolver since the clip is in the way. Bad day at the range.

I put it on the pistol (sans lining) and all seemed snug but I have one of those Walkers in which the lever latch still works. The pressure applied by the lever against the barrel held the clip in place in all positions and in spite of a little shaking. (Ever try shaking a Walker? It ain't easy.) I know there are plenty of Walkers in which the latch still works but I read more stories which lead me to believe a clip for the lever is needed in many pistols.

I'll let you know if it stays on the barrel.

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