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My superficial exposure to handguns has been five rds. here, six there, with nothing consistent, in various types but no training. With a similar 'first (.380)' thread I started tonight on Gunandgame, one guy suggested buying a .22, to do basic tng. for such a lower cost.

For this option, a guy might then want to sell the .22 and use the money for a .380 or small 9mm.

Mosin44az: I know very little about where guys carry, other than brief online chat or photos of ankles, inside jackets, inside pants waste (4 o clock), or pockets.
Watch on YouTube "falia photography", the young lady's holster location on her inner, upper thigh! My hang-up is that my shirts are always tucked in when I do errands, or we go out to eat, and Memphis is a humid, hot climate. Thus my focus mostly on .380s in classic styles.

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