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Welcome to the forum and thanks for asking our advice.

I used to own two Lee Pro-1000s and switched to a Lee Classic Turret. It suited me better, as monitoring multiple simultaneous operations made me uneasy. My production rate is higher on the Turret than I was able to achieve on the Pro-1000. The primer feed device used on the turret was more reliable to manipulate (for me) and (in my opinion) is more immune to accidental primer ignition as well.

The Lee Classic Turret is the best auto-indexing turret in the world. (It happens to be the better of the ONLY two made in the world; the other is the Lee Deluxe Turret.) But I also opine that it is the fastest turret in the world and if you can get by with 125-200 rounds per hour continuous production rate and only 4 die stations, worthy of consideration.

The Dillon products are miles ahead of the Pro-1000. While I have never used one, I have studied on them some and believe their customer service to be the best in the world (from the very credible reports I have heard) and their operation to be reliable.

Hornady's LnL is a progressive press that is on a par with the Dillon and also worthy of your consideration.

Good luck.

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