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Not sure how you're planning to carry. Sounds like IWB.

Assuming I guessed right, of the ones you mention I would like the Bersa and SIG P232 the best. I just don't think the PPK is at its best in .380, I believe you will find the SIG is considered more reliable, and it's definitely a more modern design.

I like the Bersa Thunder 380 also, found that very competitive with the SIG on accuracy and general shootability, at much less cost. Beretta is bigger than the SIG but offers no real advantages in my opinion.

Take a look at a Kahr CW9/P 9 if you can. Similar size, higher caliber, very nice to shoot. Even more comfortable than the .380s you like, all of which are older, blowback designs that magnify recoil.

In the Makarov family, look at the CZ 82. Bigger, but still can be IWB I think and it's much nicer to shoot than the P64 from what I can tell. I admit I haven't shot a P64 but it has a nasty rep for sharp recoil. The CZ 82 is available cheap (210 from J & G Sales), is high capacity, and decent to shoot especially if you get a higher-power Wolff recoil spring. Also extremely accurate and perfectly reliable, and with an ambi safety.

I have owned a Bersa Thunder 380CC and the CZ 82. I regret selling the CZ. I would get the regular Thunder 380 over the CC because of better sights and longer grip tang which helps soften the recoil, which isn't killer anyway.

I have rented and shot all the other guns mentioned except the P64.
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