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To select a Very First handgun, a .380, for later CCW.

My guns are rifles. Two friends carry the Polish P-64 in their front pockets. Yes, it's the 9x18 Mak round.
I've read about the lack of parts commonality between the P-64 and actual Maks (German, Bulg., Rus., Chinese). Lots of people online dislike the stiff spring DA pull on the first shot.

If you were to probably decide on a .380, and like the size of a Bersa, PPK, Sig-Sauer 232 or Beretta Cheetah, would it be a matter of weight or size, if we Exclude prices? Have done several hours of both Google and a little Youtube reading/listening about most of these. Some smaller 9mms are about the same size, but the listed .380s have a strong appeal.

A local range in Bartlett TN (Rangemaster USA) has a selection of 9mm and .380 handguns for rental.
Even as a lefty, I don't really want to be limited to the few left-handed or ambi choices, and most of the time I wear shirts tucked in, or wear t-shirts in the summer.
Discovered the CCW clothing on Google, but my wife already has a large chunk already invested in clothes.
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