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Once Fired Military 308

A bulk deal on 308 once fired may not be such a bargain. Once Fired Military 308 are a lot of work before you can shoot them. Machine gun fired are shot in very loose machine gun chambers designed to maintain high cyclic fire. They are "puffed out" and require a lot of effort to re-size. I did 200 today and had very smooth work using Lucas Lithium Grease as sizing lube. Then you will need to trim them for the same reason. Also, you will need to process the primer pockets to remove the military crimp, if you didn't pay some one to do that already.
With once fired, you are not buying 1,000 of the same case. Who knows what kind of consistency you will get? 308 vary more case to case than any other cartridge. Mil Spec will hold less than Win due to thicker brass. Just how much? Start sorting and weighing.
Yes, I use LC 308. But I also keep all my factory load empties and use those cases, too.
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