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Hi guys,
Thanks for the info, very much appreciated.

I think I should have said that I will be shooting around 250 rounds probably .38spc or .357mag a week in 2 competitions + playing with the rifle on a Sunday and plinking with the semi and the 629 between comps. I want to only use 1 gun in comps and develop the optimum load, projectile and brass for that one, I am assuming at present it will be the 686 but I may go with the 629, I suppose it very much depends on which when I get the firearms, shoot them and see which feels better in the hand.

As for the semi, .45 brass is a little thin on the ground over here, 9x19 is everywhere but 9x21 is quite rare. For the amount of use it will get brass cost probably isn't a factor if I can pickup around 500 pieces that should keep me going with a .45.

I will probably get through a bit more ammo as I have just started teaching my 12 year old son to shoot handguns at a (semi) local club. He enjoys shooting and I started him off shooting clays with a .410 at 6 years old... AND he could take 60% out of the air with a single barrel 410 which is probably what I was doing with an over-under 12g.

He has shot .22, 9mm and .44mag, not factory loaded Mags I might add, someone else's reloads with 7.5Gr (powder unknown to me) with a 240Gr cast bullet and he had no problems with any of them.

Once again thanks for the replies, appreciated.


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