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'62 Police

I was happy to read the review of Uberti's Police in the GOW Fall issue! I have a CVA Police revolver built from a Kit and am sorry to say it will never shoot. The recoil shield is improperly made and won't allow the nipple3s to accept caps without extensive metal re3moval. The Kit was poorly designed and is nothing but a wallhqanger.
The Uberti on the other hand is a fully functional gun, accurate and adequqate for every day shooting!
Also of serious note is the Piettia '62 Police. While not an exact re3plica, it is a fully functional revolver also. The Piettia differs on the points that is basically a short bare3led '62 Navy model wi9th qa fluted cylinder. I bought one before the Uberti came out and am glad to report that the Piettia will accept a full 22 to 25 gr powder load with room for qa w2qad and bqall. leaving the proper gap for the cylinder to rotate and fire. The Uberti has a smaller cylinder and can't bhe loaded to a full"normal" 22 gr powder load.
The Piettia thus gives full power .36 caaaliber velocity and power.
Here on the desk I have the Piettia alongside my 4 5/8" Ruger Vaquero and the tow are nearly identical in size. In otherwords perfect sized for quick handling and a quick draw!
Handling and shooting the PIETTIA is a real joy as it balances well aand handles quick. F9it and finish are first rate, color case hardening color is nicely varigated Bluing. is dark and even I bought mine thru Cabelas and it is well worth the price even though it is not an exact replica.
For the dedicated collector or reenactor the more correct Uberti might be the best gun but for a shooter,n you can't be3at the value of the Piettia.
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