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Most of the home invasions in this and a few other counties are happening with two things to consider:

a) seems there are at least two(or more) invaders.

b) the invasions are happening during daylight hours when people are home.

The sheriffs of two different Ohio counties have made these statements on the news. One sheriff went as far to say the invaders want the resident home to interrogate them about location of valuable's, prescription drugs etc.
The prescription drug thing is an epidemic. Especially opiates(pain killers) often taken by senior people. We had a group of thugs watching a few of the pharmacies for older people picking up scripts and following them home robbing them.

Both counties are mostly rural areas that in the past were not prone to much crime. Therefore the residents in these areas don't lock doors, leave garages open, keys in cars, etc. Easy targets.
There was three in one afternoon within 7mi. of my house.

We can only wish things would have went different for Mr. Herr. Prayers go out to his loved ones. Too, hope the killers get what's coming to them.

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