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1. Most any press will do. Australia is a lot closer to you than you to the US, so maybe a company there sells a progressive. I know they sell single-stage presses, but it sounds like you will shooting in volume. If nothing is available there, comparing a Dillon to a L*& (<---profanity censored by the Moderators) is like comparing an Aston Martin to a Ford Fiesta.

2. As for the 9mm/.45 debate, although the former is only suitable for women and Europeans, the brass might be more readily available than the latter, and cost/availability is a factor.

3. As for powders and primers, it would probably be more practical for you to goto Australia for them, and the Aussies make lots of powder for us. There is at least one Aussie here who can make suggestions.

It's a shame you couldn't emigrate here. This Free Fire Zone we call home always welcomes new shooters.
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