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Reloading and other advice please. (My First Post)

Hi to all, and good morning / afternoon / evening depending on where you live.
I'm just starting up shooting again since moving from the UK to New Zealand and I would like some advice please.

In the UK I had a S&W 6" SS 686 Performance Center gun until that nice Tony Blair banned hand guns and I had to hand it in to be destroyed, a very sad day that was. :-{

I am taking up handgun shooting again but it will take 6-9 months for my "B" catagory endorsement to come through to allow me to buy handguns, rifles and other long firearms aren't a problem.

I intend to reload my own ammo as I did in the UK but have been getting conflicting advice on which press and powder to use. I had a Lee pro 1000 which I had no problems with but the advice I'm getting from most shooters is that the Pro 1000 is no good and to go for a Dillon, which is 2 -3 times the price.

I would be getting (when I can buy handguns) probably another 686, possibly a 629 also.
As for Semi-Auto I am not sure which to go for, some type of 9mm or a .45 (any advice on this would also be welcome as I have shot both but never owned one).

I also want an Underlever rifle (possibly a Rossi?) in the same caliber as my main handgun, so probably a .357 Mag (advice on this also welcome)

Any advice on reloading presses and powders (and type of brass and primers) will be most welcome as I have also been told that the Lee 1000 will only use CCI or Remington primers as others can be a real problem with going "bang" as you are reloading.

I should have pointed out earlier that I will be target shooting and not hunting.

Well, sorry it's a bit of a long post with so many questions for a first post.

So thanks in advance
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