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Total cost

If you go to the order page of our website we have a picture of what you need and links to some of the better priced items. Basically we assume you have a computer and a firearm that you can use for this. If you have those items then you would need at a minimum a pulsed laser (cheapest price around $60), you would need a webcam if you don't have one ( price around $13). you would need our software (currently priced at $150 though this may change after Beta testing). Total minimum cost then is $223. It would be best to have a 10m USB extender cable (price $12) to make sure you can get the camera near the target without moving the computer and if you don't have one a tripod ($13) comes in handy as well, though a table or chair can work also to mount the camera up high enough. With those options it would bring the price to $248
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