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Your Winchester appears to have been made in 1898.

No body can (or will) give a value for a "Winchester rifle" - since that's like asking for a value for a "Ford truck".

1) What is it's "condition" - not "good", or "good considering it's age". "Condition" refers to the remaining original factory finish (%) on wood & metal parts, the mechanical operating condition, the disclosure of any known defects like rust, scratches, cracks, dents, gouges, bulges & bluing loss (aka:"patina").

2) Which Model is it - a Model 1894 Rifle, or a Model 1894 Carbine ?

3) What extra or Special Order features (if any) does the gun have, over/above the standard issue ?

4) Have there been any modifications ?

Without those questions answered, any firearm could be a $25 tomato stake, or a $20,000 collector's item - who knows ?

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