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Just wanting one is fine....

...but you have to be prepared to pay what the market is dictating...and Beretta and Browning have long set the standard on Over Unders....both in terms of price and quality. Any of the guns made by either company ...are good solid guns..although I do favor the Browning because I think the barrel to receiver connection is stronger...

The lower priced guns in Browning's Citori line of guns ( now there are about 28 models of the citori / but anything in what is now the Lightning series of the Citori ) are their field grade guns ..good solid guns.

Going outside Beretta or Browning ...maybe an SKB or a Ruger are worth a look / if you can find some .....but most of the other stuff out there ( Remington, Mossberg, Stoeger, Huglu, Baikal, etc ...are really suspect when it comes to quality - short term even ) ...and the reason they started producing these O/U's is because wanted them / and didn't want to pay the Beretta / Browning prices...but it has ended up with a lot of disatisfied customers...

If you can find a Browning Citori ...with a bunch of scratches on the stock ...and spend a little time refinishing it might end up with a very nice long term gun ( same on Beretta )...

or go the route of a gun like the TriStar ...sold by Cabelas and others...that last I knew had a 5 yr warranty at least, if or when you have an issue, you have something to rely on.

Remember when it comes to most guns....regardless of where you buy them...hardly any of those retail operations provide any warranty it means you'll have to box and ship the gun to the mfg's service center...and it may come back in a few weeks / or a few months...but 3 days old ....or 300 days old ...most retailers don't service them.

Long term - parts and service....some companies come and go ...Browning and Beretta are easy to get parts for / most any decent gunsmith can fix virtually anything that might go wrong in terms of springs, firing pins....and you can't say that on most of the other mfg's mentioned.

You'll find fans on this forum and others...or Mossberg O/U's, Stoeger, etc...and a lot of ranting about them as can't tell by looking at them if you're going to have an issue or not ....or you'll be the 3 out of 10 that might be happy with them for 5,000 shells.....or 20,000 shells...or whatever...or one barrel on a new gun hits 3" high and right ...and the other barrel hits 6" low and left ...( how in the heck would you ever hit anything consistently with a gun like that...)...and I've see it, on too many of these mentioned guns ...but never on a Browning or Beretta ...and if you ever had it happen on a Browning or Beretta...they'd stand behind it and replace the barrels or something to make it right.

Picking a gun is not just fancy wood...and have to wonder about the internals, the quality of the steel, etc..../ and I have Browning O/U's with well over 500,000 shells thru them with no issues and still going strong. Browning and Beretta make some nice guns...but they're "Pedestrian" grade guns for the most part...expensive guns in terms of O/U's are the Blaser, Perazzi, Kolar and Krieghoff...Browning and Beretta, even their highest end guns, are very affordable...

good luck with your search / no matter what you decide ..let us know how it works out.
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