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Two things to consider - almost all Ruger SA revolver will have a pretty rough chamber finish - polishing the ridges out of the chambers is a big help. Also the .30 Carbine case has a slight taper - it tends to want to stick in a lot of chambers if they're not smooth like a wedge. I had a friend with a .30 Carbine Blackhawk for whom I loaded ammo. He wanted full power GI loads. No problem. I never saw a case stick in his gun but I stuck a few in my carbide reloading dies and they were a sumbtich to get out. That was when I learned about good case lube. On your ejector rod problem it is possible that it was installed with the wrong housing which would mislocate the rod. It should run close to but not touch the chamber walls. His gun would produce a basketball sized fireball on every shot and you could feel the pressure wave in your ribcage. Completely pointless but much fun.

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