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Macs, S&W 76, Stemple 76/45

Couple of thoughts on full auto weapons.:

1. Factory, or milsurp ammo only. Lots of milsurp!
2. MAC - get the imitation suppressor on the barrel. It keeps new shooters from sliding a finger up too high.
3. My Stemple cost $6000. I do reload 45, but won't ever use them in it.
4. If you can think of something more fun than watching a woman shoot a full auto - your brain and mine work differently.
5. Only load 3-4 rounds for new shooters. I've seen cases of finger-lock-down -itus with a full magazine. Having this happen and the shooter turn in your direction will stay with you forever.
6. If you think a MAC 10 .45 is fun, go play with a MAC 11 .380. Whooeeee - 1300-1500 rpm. Empty a mag in 1.3 seconds.
7. Most FTF problems with a MAC come from a badly worn ejector, or bent, misaligned mag lips.

I've written for Small Arms Review and owned 27 MGs from Thompson to 1919A4. Never had so much fun in my life as I did shooting a MAC.
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