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Its not good to look back and see SMOKE!

I had the good fortune to do a little dove hunting this last weekend.Where and with who does not matter,this is a "heads up"

I was hunting with local farmers and their group.We were hunting with the landowner.No "slob" stuff going on.We started a fire.

We had left a spot,were about a mile away,someone looked back and saw smoke.

We went back,did all we could,got folks out of an occupied building .Fortunately,an excellent Volunteer Fire Dept responded quickly,and about all that was lost is 12 acres or so of CRP grass.

I don't know what started it.Could have been a hot catalytic converter,we had some folks who smoked while hunting.

I don't smoke,wasn't driving.and do not care to point any fingers as I don't know how it started.

I just know what it felt like to be there,feel responsible,and remember how bad the fire was here in Northern Colorado within sight of my house.

Even the biggest of fires starts about the same size as ours.

I am thankful ours was not any worse.

As it was,I shared jalapeno stuffed with dove breast wrapped in bacon and smoked with mesquite with the land owner ,who was one of our hunters.

No hard feelings or lost priviledge.

We all kicked in a donation for the VFD.

Please be careful.

It mattered that we went back,got a gentleman out of his trailer who was in the path of the fire,did what we could and held the fire at a road,called in the VFD and water truck.
Some run.We stayed.It made the difference.
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