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Unusual AR builds in process?

Anyone building an AR right now that has some out of the ordinary features?

I'm not talking about caliber, but rather interesting and uncommon parts like... Fail Zero BCGs, Teludyne "StraightJacket" uppers, White Oak match uppers, monolithic uppers, special or hydraulic buffers, laser range finding optics, unusual materials like the Nemo... or just something different from the usual stuff?

No conjecture or opinion on something you don't actually have please... just real folks with actual real parts on hand.

Revision as of 9-5-2012: OK... no one seems to be building anything out of the ordinary, so I'll open this up to a "What If" format. With a budget of say... $3000 all in, what would you do? Adjust the questions below to accommodate.

My questions would be:
  • Why did you want to try this item out? In other words, what was so sucky about the normal part that you decided this might be the way to go?
  • If the gun is done, how is the part or parts working out?
  • How would you compare it to a more standard part... where applicable?
  • If the gun is done and you've had the chance to thoroughly test the part(s)... would you buy them again?

If you have extremely interesting optics, it can be on any rifle.

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