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Good doubles ain't cheap. Cheap doubles ain't good.

Not everyone can justify spending $1000-$2000 to get a good gun. But with a sub $1,000 budget there are lots of pumps and a few semi's that will be 10X better than what you are looking at.

I'd love to own a good quality double, but don't shoot enough to justify the costs. Trust me, I've tried almost all of the cheap doubles, and could have bought a good one with all the money I lost on bad ones. Learn from my mistakes!!!

I finally got smarter and decided to buy the best quality gun I could afford and justify with my shooting needs. For only slightly more than a cheap double I bought a lightly used Benelli M-1. I'm happy with my choice, but a Beretta or even Remington semi is a better long term choice than a cheap double. If you like pumps and pretty wood you can get a pretty classy Wingmaster or Browning BPS for about the same cost as these cheap doubles.
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