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As was said the LCR has a Hogue Tamer Grip to soak up some recoil. The 357 version is a little heavier than the LCR 38 or the Airweight J Frames, which also helps with recoil.

I added an XS 24/7 Tritium Dot front sight to mine. This is an option on the LCR-38. I believe you will have to add it to the LCR-357. For Point and Shoot a Highly Visible front sight is not a bad plan. If you can see the White Sight Dot, you might put it on the target.

You might want to put an LCR-22 on your want list for Practice & Training to go with it. It will be a very good addition. After a couple Bricks of Federal 22's through the LCR-22, she will be Dangerous Lady with the LCR-357. I am much more accurate shooting 38's after shooting a few bricks through my LCR-22.

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