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Excessive Velocity in Redhawk

My Ruger Redhawk 44 mag with 7.5" barrel is getting some very impressive velocities with both factory and handloads. I am very suprized by how much over the book specs this gun is producing:

Hornady 240ga xtp (factory load) - book velocity 1350 - actual 1500
Hornady 300gr xtp (factory load) - book velocity 1150 - actual 1330Winchester 240ga SP (factory load) - book velocity 1180 - acutal 1500

Sierra 300gr SP over 2400 (handloads):
@17.0gr - acutal 1170
@18.0gr - actaul 1260
@18.5gr - actual 1300
@19.0gr - book 1050 - actual 1320

Brass is not showing any signs of excess pressure. The primers are getting flat but nothing out of the normal. I have showed the brass to two other experienced handloaders and both agree they look fine. Extraction from the cylinder is slick.

I am shooting over a F1 Shooting Chrony that I have verified its accuarcy with another gun shooting two different types of ammo - it spot on for factory cci 22LR.

Do I have any reason to be concerned or am I (as one person told me) lucky to have a fast barrel?

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