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Prices seem to have gone up considerably since I bought my Trooper ($325 LNIB- box had some wear but the gun sure did not.) a decade ago.... I was looking to pick up a Ruger GP100 that I had been eyeing for months .... and there was that ponygun for $25 less!

The only issue I can see with the Colt is that there are not a lot of parts or qualified 'smiths to work on them ..... the trigger, in both DA and SA, is superior to all the stock Smiffs and every Ruger I've pulled..... I have certainly run quite a lot of lead down the pipe of that gun...... Bowling Pin, IDPA, plinkin' with the kiddoes, even a little deer hunting. I don't regret it all. Plus, you can't swing a short tailed cat at a range without hitting three guys with Rugers and a couple of Smith owners. Not very many people shoot a Colt, if they are fortunate enough to have found one!
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