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It would also be nice to have your definition of "clays enthusiast". IF you will be shooting a lot, the cost of the gun is meaningless.

Example - my main target gun is right at 18 years old now, and has about 240,000 rounds through it. If you factor target costs at .25/each - averaging registered and regular, and the same costs for ammo- both reloaded and factory for registered - that becomes $120,000 over that 18 year period - so spending $1000 for the gun (way back then) has paid for itself. In that time frame I have replaced the firing pins and springs one time - total cost about $100

Take a cheap gun that MIGHT last 5-10,000 rounds for a cheap price, and then calculate how many guns you would have to buy to equal the longevity. There are times when buying it once really DOES pay

All that being said - IF you are going in this direction, do yourself a favor and buy the quality up front first - get it fitted and enjoy it for a long time

If after all this you really mean shooting in the backyard, then anything that fits you well will work
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