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9th Circuit Update

Looks like Gorski may be first in line in the 9th, the panel has taken his matter in Blanas under submission which means we may see an opinion in the next 6 months - 08-15773. Rothery, which is related to Richards and Peruta was stayed until a decision is reached in Blanas. It is unclear if that stay will also reach Richards and Peruta. Richards and Peruta are fully briefed with the nordyke stay lifted, but a panel has not yet been assigned. Once assigned, oral argument would be set. The three Los Angeles cases challenging good cause have all been fully briefed by appellants, and we are awaiting answering briefs Counsel in Peruta are attempting to have the Los Angeles cases related to Richards and Peruta which could cause a further stall if the Rothery stay is extended Hopefully this wont work as the Nordyke debacle has already caused significant and unnecessary delay in the 9th.
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