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When you say "better fit," if you literally mean which one fits/feels better, that varies from shooter to shooter. If you mean which is "better suited" it's probably a toss-up.

I admit I haven't used either, but from what I've read/heard over the years (the topic of "which inexpensive O/U" is a common one), the Condors seem a little more well-liked. People's experiences with those guns seem mixed (some really like them, some don't) while the Silver Reserve gun experiences seem more negative in general.

A lot of people will say buy neither. It's not that they can't be fun or won't work, but it seems that it's harder to make a good O/U on the cheap than it is to make a good cheap pump or even an auto.

I don't say this to sound like a snob. I own some cheap pump and single shot shotguns and enjoy them. But If I wanted an inexpensive O/U, I'd maybe look for a used CZ (made after 2007). Used Charles Daly O/Us (made by the same company that makes Browning Citori) can also be found. You might find these around $600.

For the cost of guns you'd mentioned, I'd probably look at a Mossberg 930 auto instead.
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