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My personal preference is a Ruger Super RedHawk equipped with a 30mm UltraDot sight. To date I have had 2 each in 44 Magnum, and currently have 2 each in 480 Ruger.
Super RedHawks come with Integral Scope Mounting Points, and Rings.
If you buy a Super RedHawk and the 1" Rings that come with it are still New and Unmounted, you can contact Ruger and swap the 1" rings for 30mm. You can also buy 30mm Rings new for it.
The best source on the 30mm UltraDot is UltraDot West. A search should find them.
Note: I have both a 1" UltraDot and the 30mm UltraDot sights. No Comparison in the field of view. Go with 30mm even if you have to BUY New 30mm Rings.
For a Rest I use a Monopod from Wal-Mart. Get a Rubber Cane Tip and a tube of epoxy putty and install the cane tip on the bottom of the monopod. This keeps it from making noise on rocks. It also keeps it from making noise and going through the expanded metal on your Ladder Stand floor.

For ammo reloading is much preferred. You can shoot much cheaper, and also Custom Tailor your ammo to your needs. My preference in 44 Magnum is a 310 grain Wide Flat Point Cast Bullet with Gas Check.
In the 480 Ruger I load between 355 grain and 400 grain Wide Flat Point Cast Bullets.
What most Handgun Hunters want from a Revolver is a Large Hole in, and a Large Hole Out from any reasonable angle. My idea of Reasonable is Broadside, or Quartering shots.

For sight in with an UltraDot I like to shoot on Bright White Paper Plates, or Circles. You can center the Red Dot on the Round White Target fairly easily. I also cut targets to different sizes from White Poster Paper, and use Contact Cement to glue them to a contrasting back board such as card board, or dark poster board. You need a White Halo around your Red Dot at whatever distance you are shooting.

I normally add Hogue Tamer Grips to my Super RedHawks. They have the Smurf Blue Sorbothane strip down the inside back of the grips to soak up recoil. They are standard on Alaskans. I also add a Green Marble Fiber Optic front sight for back up use. They are Great in the woods.

I tagged an 11 Point Buck on my Missouri Anydeer Tag last year, as well as a Full Size Doe on my Antlerless Only Tag. Both deer were at 50 - 55 yards from a Doublewide Ladder Stand covered in Camo Burlap. All shots were text book behind the shoulder shots, and both deer went down inside of 50 yards.

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