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They were 10 round samplings, done on different days too so that was a good point about the temps as they were likely to be different. Further testing over time will show patterns and discount any flukes that may happen.

I'm still fairly new to loading 45 Colt and 454, so I don't have the years of experience with them that I do with my others (44 Mags). One thing stands clear about this FA 83. This thing impresses me every time I shoot it. It is clearly a Rolls Royce of revolvers.

It also seemed to be very clean when I went to clean it later. I didn't shoot it as much as the BH but it seemed to be not as dirty as I expected it to be when compared to the BH. I hope that isn't a fluke but time will tell. I need to go shoot this puppy some more. A lot more so she'll give up her secrets.
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