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Shooting Stance?

When a friend of mine goes to the range, he often offers tidbits of information and techniques about shooting. He's a good shooter so, they are welcome.

Recently, he suggested a different shooting stance. While I was shooting, he noticed that I had my body turned, one foot behind me slightly, shooting approximately 45-degrees from straight-on. Obviously, my body was 45-degrees angle from the target (I'm not THAT bad of a shot!)

Anyways, he suggested that I face the target directly, bend my knees slightly with both hands on the gun, pointed directly in front of me. My question is, are there simply different stances and this is another one, possibly for a different type of shooting, like competition? The reason I stand the way that I do is because when I "squat", even a little bit, I feel off-balance. I've got to think that affects how good someone can shoot, right?

I've seen his stance during competition shooting and, he also mentioned that another reason is because body armo doesn't cover the sides, only the front. I'm a wheelgun kind of guy, he's a Glock kind of guy. I THINK that makes a difference. Thoughts?

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