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Question From New Reloader On Powder Charges

Been lurking on the forum for quite some time. I'm a new to handloading and just got set up with a new Dillon550B press. I'm just currently loading for .45ACP and would like to ask a question about powder charges. I'm currently using Winchester 231 and 230gr FMJ bullets. I'm loading between 5.2gr and 5.5gr. Does this sound OK? My new Lyman manual lists 5.2-5.8gr but the new Speer #14 lists 5.6-6.2gr. Do any of you guys load .45ACP using Win231? Just want to be safe. I've shot some of my reloads using 5.5gr and everything seemed to be OK but some of the people at the range said that was way to hot. Leaves a newbie rather confused. All replies appreciated.
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