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““Dear Jim: I really want to thank you for your support! I have been working with what you have given me and am of the conclusion that the sleeve, safety and cocking piece just may be incorrect for that model 1932, even though they may fit the bolt and it still cocks on opening the notch in the cocking piece does not align with the safety, thus not allowing the safety to cam over.

I need to take the cocking piece off of my Mauser conversion as I don't have an extra one. The sleeve and safety are from that project and were replaced when I put on a Timney trigger w/safety””

First: Determine how the safety is secured and why it must be installed into the bolt sleeve first,, Installing last: The Peruvian safety will fall out of the bolt sleeve when the rifle muzzle is trained skyward, there is nothing to hold the safety.

Again, I have 3 right hand safeties, I have 60 plus left hand safeties, the safety is a custom fit on the Mauser, finding a safety that fits is a matter of checking the beveled cam that engages the cocking piece, the cam on the Peruvian Masuer is on the opposite side of the of the 98 safety.

Cock on open, the firing end of the firing pon is flat, the flat end of the firing pin engages the front of the bolt like a screw driver engaging a straight slotted screw. the slot prevents the firing pin to rotate. The locking of the firing pin forces the cocking piece to move reward when engaged into the cam slot in the rear of the bolt.

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