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Thanks allaroundhunter for fine tuning the definition of "training.". I "train" almost every day. I am retired from the Army at 46 and make myself do 5-10 minutes of dry fire every day (anyone can find 5-10 minutes). I practice a lot of "draw to first shot" and "target transition" in my basement with miniature IPSC printouts.
I'm lucky that I also get to practice what I've trained pretty often, too. I go to a nearby range weekly, firing anywhere from 25-100 rounds, depending on the purpose of the visit. If I'm practicing draw to first shot, usually around 25, target transitions, a few more.

I own, carry, and shoot only one gun right now, a G23C. I also practice by shooting monthly USPSA and Steel Challenge local matches. This is where i see the biggest result of my dry fire and draw to first shot training Because the gun I carry is "ported," I have to shoot in the "open" category in both these types of competitions. So, I compete (not so much) with the guys shooting tricked out guns with optics and widgets. I don't do so well against them, but my primary goal in this type of activity is to become as proficient as possible with the gun I carry EVERY day.

I feel like any training must have a predetermined outcome in order for the effectiveness of said training to be measured. If you can't measure your improvement, how do you know if you're getting any better.

My $.02.
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