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Try the barrel with a patched round ball. Some 1-48" twist rifles shoot RBs just fine. For hunting in wet and damp conditions 2F or 3F is better pan powder than is 4F. The larger powders are coated and the 4F can turn to "soup" very fast while hunting. Order some Black English Flints from TOW or Long Hunters from Rich Pierce. You must learn to Knap your flints in order for the rifle to work and have long flint life. Make sure you clean the breech bolt face a small anount of carbon under the vent will cause a FTF. Keep the pan clean under the vent and wipe the pan. Not tastey, but lick your finger and wipe the pan bottom before charging the pan. This will cause some powder to stick in the pan and not shift while hunting. Good luck flinters are great those modern cap guns are well?
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