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I have the colors of Scotch brite pads.
I have the grits of rolls of sand paper
I have the emery cloth.
I have the wet and dry paper
I have the Craytex
I have the different steel wools.
I have the different grit compounds
I have different grinding wheels.
I have the wire wheels
I have the disc pads
I have different files
I have the diamond sticks.
I have the random orbital sander
I have the belt sander
I have the vibrating sander

Some of it gets used, some does not.
And I have to keep replacing the rolls of sandpaper.

The colors of scotch brite, I buy at ENCO

If I have a piece of metal in the lathe that is I want shiny, I make a high r.p.m shallow cut and slowly feed with a round tool.
Then I do the file.
Then I do the sand paper and then finer sand paper.
Cover the ways so no grit gets on the ways.
Then I go to a fine scotch brite.
Then I go to a fine steel wool.
That is a shiny as I can get it.

If I have an old gun that is rusty and I want to keep the bluing, I rub oil on it with a fine scotch brite pad every night for a long time.

If some blue comes off, I can touch it up with Oxpho blue and put oil over it. Then later wash off the oil and then put more oil on it. Don't leave blue on it long term.
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