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Another Wife Thread ;)

Hey all,
So here I am, with my own "wife gun" thread. Here goes.

My wife loves shooting rifle, specifically 22 though she'll shoot the 223 if she has a decent pad on the stock. However the first thing she ever shot was pistol with me on a S&W M&P. She did pretty well but the gun was a little long for her rather small hands and she'd tend to let the barrel tip. Eventually she decided she didn't want to carry, which was fine with me, so we sold that gun for the Ruger 10/22 that she really wanted and uses weekly.

That said I still would like her to be somewhat proficient with a pistol for home defense. I shoot mostly DA/SA. That doesn't work for her as she honestly doesn't shoot enough to train for the DA trigger pull. She was decent with the M&P in the past so I figure a striker fired pistol might be a better option.

Today I brought her to the gun store and had her try a few different options to see what she liked the best. It basically came down to the Glock 19 and the Ruger SR9c. To be up front I'd probably rather see her with the Glock 19 as I am familiar with Glocks. The SR9c seems to be a well put together gun, but I have read some reports on here that give me pause and I'm not a huge fan of mechanical safeties. Of course the Glock 19 she likes is the Gen 4 because of the smaller grip, and there are still some erratic ejection reports with those. She says she would be okay with either one.

Any thoughts on reliability of a Ruger SR9c versus a Glock 19? Again this would be a home defense/range gun for her.

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