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Originally Posted by armoredman
... the agents in question DID testify that they had gun runners in sight about to transfer, asked for permission to arrest/interdict, and were ordered from above to allow the firearms to leave surveillance unhindered. They did testify they were ordered to let firearms "walk" out of their sight into Mexico, unlike the first operation, Wide Receiver, which the guns were watched all the way to the border and the Mexican authorities were advised...and did nothing, ...
Yes, I understand that. But that was on the U.S. side of the border. As I wrote, with NOBODY in Mexico even aware of the operation, the U.S.-based agents could have had eyes-on contact with the guns all the way to the border and they would have gone walk-about as soon as they entered Mexico anyway, because the operation simply didn't include any provisions for keeping track of the guns in Mexico.
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