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Is this the Gun or a Fluke?

So I ran out of 454 ammo at the range and wanted to continue shooting my mdl 83. I decided to put some 45 Colt ammo thru it to see how it compared with the same load out of my BH.

The load is the standard loading of a 255 gr SWC over 8.0 gr of Unique.
Out of the BH (5.5") it's very accurate and gives me 830 fps, 33 ES, 11 SD.

The same load out of the 83 (6"), the same load gave me 888 fps, 21 ES, 7 SD...the question being, do you think my ES & SD came down so much because of the tighter construction of the 83, or just a fluke because it was a different gun?
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