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Pro Ears versus other electronic ear muffs

Hi guys. I own several Pro Ears electronic ear muffs (and a couple of their passive ear muffs). I use them when hunting, target shooting, and for use in a potential self defense situation. I like just about everything about the product - - except the high price !
For others that own Pro Ears electronic ear muffs - - - have you found another high quality product at a lower price ? (By 'quality' I mean something durable that will do the job of protecting your hearing.) I like the Pro Ears sound quality when hunting - - but have you found other products which work well - perhaps in other types of situations ?
I'd like to hear from everyone (pardon the pun) - - but particularly from those that have experience with Pro Ears and also other brands of electronic muffs which they have compared in actual use. Thank you - -

P.S. - - I searched this topic, and wanted to get up to date info from those that own Pro Ears electronic muffs.
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