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I got my Remington from a private seller at a gun show, for $175. The barrel had been shortened to 20" when I bought it...looked like a professional job.
The fore end had a couple thin cracks, which is common. Right now, it is wearing a Ramline Browning Auto 5 fore end.
I want to put a two round extension on it...just trying to figure out what kind of spacer to use. I read someplace that there is an 870 side sling mount which works.
To those who wonder why one would bother with an old must not have shot one. When you drop the bolt on a Model 11, it sounds like a bank vault slamming shut.
Shooting it rapidfire is an incredible experience...I once watched my friend shoot mine as fast as he could pull the trigger...all five empty shells were in the air, and put all five 00 buck loads on the 25yd target.
It is a John Browning designed shooting machine...there may be newer and cheaper, but they aren't...Browning.
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