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I would say those prices are high too. But that's what they're bringing in that condition these days around here. LNIB is something I, at least, don't see every day. People who have them know what they have, and they know if "you" don't buy it the next person will. There is no incentive to drop the price.

So, I ask myself, "When was the last time you saw one in that condition for less?" And "When do you think you will again?" Yes, I'll "overpay" for something I want, if I really want it. I don't plan to sell it, but if I ever do, and I can't get what I paid for it, well, I'll just count that as the cost of owning it for a while. Find one cheaper on Gunbroker? Maybe, but I don't consider that as an option. I want to see it, and hold it before I say "I'll take it." Pictures just aren't good enough for me.

Personally, I'm a Smith & Wesson guy, but I think, since I'm spending your money, I'd get the Colt. I see a lot more S&W's than I do Colts especially with the box. I'd look for a Smith & Wesson next (and I'd look for a -4 or earlier.) No the Colt isn't a Python, but the people who want a Python and can't afford/fine them are buying the Troopers and Offical Police revolvers, and driving the prices on those up too.
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