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Nice Rifle for the money

I have not fired a rifle since I was in the Army just over 20 years ago. I recently switched jobs and started working with 2 avid shooters one of which is prior Army also. Listening to them talk reminded me how I use to enjoy shooting long range targets 300+ meters and the shooting bug was starting to bit again. Last night I broke down a Marlin XL7 in a .243 and a Bushnell 3X9 scope with some 2 boxes quality rounds and 2 boxes of cheap 85g rounds to use for siting in the at 60 then 100 yards. With the cheap rounds at 60 yards, firing uphill, with a 9MPH right to left crosswind my first 3 rounds were 6 clicks low and 5 clicks right, but I was shocked that all three rounds were within ¾ inch grouping. I made the adjustment to the scope and shot another 3 rounds. All three rounds were on target in under ¾ inch grouping again and two of the three holes were over lapping. At 100 yards using the same cheap 85g rounds I put 3 more rounds on target in a ¾ inch grouping without needing to adjust the scope. At 150 yards the rounds hit 1 inch low and 1.5 inches left the grouping was 7/8 of an inch. At 200 yards the shots hit nearly 3 inches low and nearly 5 inches to the left in a 1.25 inch grouping. I bumped up to some better rounds that are 100g and hit the target at 200 yards in a ¾ inch grouping. I then went out to 300 yards and I hit ½ low and ¾ inch left in 1 inch grouping. I am amazed at how tight the groupings were and how little the round dropped at range with store bought rounds and a rifle scope combo that ran about $350.00
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