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Originally Posted by snuffy
Okay. It may well have been supposed to be a roll crimp. It crimped a little, then attempting to crimp harder simply resulted in the crimp ring/shoulder sliding down the case mouth further. Looked like a step crimp. It was most certainly swaging the XTP HP's below the cannelure by forcing the case mouth into the bullet. I still have it somewhere, maybe I should return it to see if they make it good? The Redding profile works so good, it don't really need it.

I think this has run long enough. Sarcasm and personal attacks are all that is happening now.
Truly I am sorry for the thread if sarcasm and attacks are all that is coming from the thread. But I don't believe it is true. The thread is still yielding education.

I learned from your last post that some of Lee's roll crimp dies are not what I hoped, not properly shaped. Next time I break out my revolver stuff I will have to do some examination of my dies and check out what happens when I do a deliberate overcrimp. If Lee dies have the wrong profile... well maybe I will have to speak to them (ok, a little sarcasm there, but not directed at you).

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