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So, one of those "features" of the FCD wasn't as advertised, and you had to go to an 'inferior' die without the oh-so-important post-sizing ring.
I thought you were arguing that the FCD is the greatest thing since sliced bread, from the greatest reloading tool manufacturer in the world?
Very nice sarcasm Frank! Nope, I wasn't saying the carbide post sizing ring is always a good thing. I AM saying that I SOMETIMES use one, But I don't always. It's being used wrong IF you're using it to correct bad loading practices or defective dies.

The lee FCD taper crimp did not do a good heavy crimp. It's SUPPOSED to do a roll crimp.
So...what you're saying is, the "taper crimp" die, didn't "do a roll crimp"? Say it ain't so. Maybe you should be "more specific".
Okay. It may well have been supposed to be a roll crimp. It crimped a little, then attempting to crimp harder simply resulted in the crimp ring/shoulder sliding down the case mouth further. Looked like a step crimp. It was most certainly swaging the XTP HP's below the cannelure by forcing the case mouth into the bullet. I still have it somewhere, maybe I should return it to see if they make it good? The Redding profile works so good, it don't really need it.

I think this has run long enough. Sarcasm and personal attacks are all that is happening now.
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