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Are you using the handgun for 100yds plus or are you like me and just consider it as doubling your bow range, say under 75yds?
I'm trying to figure this out based on my limitations first. I'd hate to buy a nice revolver and scope only to figure out that I can't hit anything accurately outside of 50yrds.

What I'm hoping for(ideally) is a gun I can shoot comfortably and accurately off hand within 50yrds, and accurately with a rest out to 100-150.

I know that a .460 encore can do the long range portion, but the one I've shot has a long heavy barrel that is nearly impossibly for me to shoot off hand.

So if a revolver can't do all of these things well then I'll either have to limit my range to 50-75yrds or carry 2 guns.
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