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Well sadly i finally managed to get the gun to fail .

I haven't cleaned it since duck season and it showed today, on the opening day of dove season. The gun was absolutely filthy. The chamber had powder residue/debris all in it, the piston was black, and the magazine tube had a caked spot where powder residue had been burnt from the piston. After about a box of shells i noticed the action slowing up on me within ten shots later it failed to back into battery. I could see it dwindling down, there were times right before it completely stopped that during my shooting volley's i would have to wait for the action to cycle ( yes it was that dirty) I've experienced the sluggishness once before duck hunting in bad conditions the gun was soaked, gunk all in the butt stock and recoil spring. Yet it still cycled fine, the only time i witnessed sluggishness was when i used the bolt release and it road a shell into the chamber. It was like watching it in slow motion.

Needless to say after three hours of cleaning it's back to normal no gun is perfect but i'd say browning damn near came close with this one. The only downfall is that it's gas operated and blows more residue back into the chamber than would an inertia. Other than that simple feature of the design the perks out way it IMO. It's an extremely reliable, versatile, autoloader, that's under 7lbs, kicks like a 20ga, disassembled the quickest of any autoloader, and just overall points well for most people.

Some will look at this post and disregard the gun for the simple fact that it failed. But given the amount of time it's been sitting in filth and not cleaned during duck season either, it doesn't bother me. All things man made are prone to failure anyhow.

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